Water Cooler Chat With A Conscience

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poli-tic(k)s Bite!

So today I experienced my first major professional let down...all due to the rearing of the big, nasty, ugly blood sucking head of OFFICE POLITICS....what was being hyped to me as this "great promotion into a position that we've created with you in mind specifically", was taken away faster than a small asian woman shoveling water soaked hot dogs into her tiny little mouth....and what was the premise under which i lost my first professional promotion...SENIORITY....in what world does seniority outweigh experience...the non-profit world....NOW....to prove that i am NOT a negative nelly...there is an upside to this story of professional lime disease....even though my grant is ending and my current position is being done away with, there is ANOTHER position that i will be moved into....so this is a good thing...i still have a job...i will also have more one on one contact with my students, allowing me to build strong relationships and make a more direct impact in their lives..which is truly the reason i got into this field in the first place....to make a positive impact in the lives of at-risk kids, and possibly save some (if not all) from the perils around them....so in actuality..what seems to be a minor setback now may actually turn out to be a MAJOR WINDFALL....I have to keep reminding myself that all things happen for a reason, and God knows what he's doing so i need to just chill and roll with it....also...i'll still be doing what i love (which is working directly with kids), and i'll (hopefully) be making a difference....it's not all about me and my professional wants....that Executive Director position will come in due time...apparently there is just still more to do and learn before i get there....and that's alright...but man...this office politics business BITES! I hope it doesn't leave a mark.....

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