Water Cooler Chat With A Conscience

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Be-u-t-full (Be U 2 the Fullest)

My Be-u-t-full
does not lie in the soft spot
between my legs
nor does it reside
in the roundness of my chest
you cannot find it resting
on my high, ample behind
or hidden in the polish
of my pedicured toes
or my freshly manicured full set
My be-u-t-full
does not come from the salary i earn
in one years time
it does not have its origins
in the car i drive
My be-u-t-full was not given to me
by the men of my past
it was not given to me
as a token of appreciation
or given as a reward
like a good grade in class
no, no my dear
my be-u-t-full is more....
my be-u-t-full is in the work i do for Him
it is in deciding to push myself even harder
when faced with the dilemma
of sink or swim
it rides high on perseverance
and soars like an eagle on my dreams
my be-u-t-full is not in the obvious
but it is gently nestled
in the in-betweens
you can see it when i laugh
from deep down inside
it sings in the steps
of my easy, confident stride
but each step hums with a sweetness
to assure you it's not pride
my be-u-t-full dances alive
because even though i am mother to none
i am sister to many
it does a "clap stomp clap" at church
because i can give my 10%
even if it's just a penny
you can spy it in my language
somersaulting through english
cartwheeling through spanish
salsaing to sounds of puerto rico
bailando hasta tengo dolor en mis pies
my be-u-t-full
is not in magazines
not on any page of any book
you can't see my be-u-t-full
if you take just ONE look
you won't find it in hollywood
or on the stretched out blocks
of new york city
my be-u-t-full is more than gorgeous
lovelier than pretty
more REAL than breathtaking
my be-u-t-full
comes from within me

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